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You might not have thought about cultural inflation before, but you feel its effects every day as a social fund pitchfork Odd Future tofu Tonx banh mi pop-up umami messenger bag twee.

“Simone is not a trained tailor, but he is certainly a perfectionist when it comes to fit – as you can see on any customer he is fitting, and of course on himself.” (Permanent Style UK)

The Mind Behind The Brand

Simone Righi

My name is Simone Righi, 50 years old, born a bred in Florence, the city that taught me the importance of observing the details and gave me the will to undertake a journey of pursuit of aesthetic. It’s an extremely elegant city, with significant peaks of fantasy. Pitti and the modern fashion were born here: both on the streets – populated by impeccably classy men – and in my house, where my mother used to cut elegant dresses for Florentine socialites and aristocrats. I have been doing this job for 25 years and I believe that it consists in capturing the desire of my customer, elaborating and interpreting it; as well as choosing and recommending the best fabric for the garment to be realized: whether it be a coat, a blazer, a suit, a shirt, a sweater or a glove…” – ( www.thebespokedudes.com)

The Store

“This is why designers and buyers travel the world to find inspiration that will shift the look of fashion” (The Sartorialist)


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